What Is home Mortgage? Explained in easy words

It is rightly said that “money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a home where happiness resides.” Owning a home is the most fascinating thing for every adult. Who doesn’t dream of a special place to live in? We all desire to have our own house but not many can finance enough to buy their first home.

A home Mortgage plays a crucial role in buying a home. It is moreover a derivative investment that yields out the best and the safest product. Low-interest rates and easy accessibility can fascinate a lot of people who desire to get a home mortgage but there are certain things that you need to know about home mortgage and how it works. Below is a detailed guideline related to the same.

What is Home Mortgage?
Mortgage companies, financial institutions and banks provide financial help to the people in need. This help is often referred to as a mortgage or loan. A mortgage or a loan is provided at a rate of interest that is payable at the time of repayment of the loan. Such mortgages are also provided to people who wish to buy or construct a home and are referred to as Home Mortgage.

In the case of a home mortgage, the borrower transfers the ownership to the lender stating a contract between them that allows the lender to transfer back the title to the owner after the complete payment against the loan is settled and both the parties settle upon the terms of the mortgage.

How does Mortgage work?
The mortgage process begins with borrowing and lending money. The borrower receives a sum upon signing up the terms of the mortgage to buy the home. The borrower doesn’t fully own the home until the entire amount of mortgage is paid to the lender. Till then, the ownership is transferred to the lender. In case the borrower is unable to make a payment, the lender has complete ownership to sell the house in an open market.

The mortgage works on a very important aspect called interest. Interest is a calculated sum of the amount that the borrower has to pay at the time of repayment of the loan. It is either calculated monthly or annually, based on the terms of the mortgage. It is the medium through which lenders earn a considerable amount of profit from the mortgaged money. Current market rates determine the amount of interest keeping in mind the level of risk the lender has to take.

In comparison to other mortgages, Home Mortgage has a comparatively lesser rate of interest. This is because shelter lies under the basic human necessity. Therefore, an interest rate, often determined as the percentage of the total principal amount, is deposited along with the mortgage amount to the lender.

  1. Types of Home Mortgages
    There are five major kinds of home mortgage loans depending upon the nature and rates of the property.
  2. Conventional Mortgages: It can be used to buy your primary residence or for a vacation and investment property.
  3. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage: It provides low-interest rates from the very start. Low-interest rates lead to huge savings right from the beginning.
  4. Fixed-Rate Mortgage: Such mortgages benefit you from predictable monthly payments.
  5. Government Insured Mortgage: Provided by the Federal Housing Association, such government-insured mortgages ensure accessibility to ownership by qualified borrowers.
  6. Jumbo Mortgages: In case the need of the borrower exceeds the federal limit or standard limit for a mortgage, Jumbo mortgages are preferred.

Who Gets a Home Mortgage?
Most people who fall short of savings and need to buy a home rely on Home Mortgages. A mortgage is moreover a necessity in buying your desired home. Some people tend to invest in mortgaging properties to release funds for other investments. In such cases, it is sensible to go for a Mortgage. The mortgage requires interest payment and can add up the additional cost in case the deadline exceeds.

For being eligible to get a home mortgage, you must meet the eligibility requirements. A person with a stable and reliable income, less than 50% debt-income ratio and genuine credit score is more likely to be eligible for a home mortgage.

How to Get a Home Mortgage?
The first step in getting a Home Mortgage is submitting the application and relevant information related to the borrower’s financial history. It is done to assure that the borrower is eligible to pay the mortgage with the interest amount. The borrower must qualify all the requirements. A borrower should be prepared with his financial history, debts, income, liabilities and assets. The details are then reviewed by the lender. After checking all the details provided by the borrower, the lender estimates a sum that can be given as a mortgage.

The financial institutions, banks or firms require you to fill an official mortgage application. After submitting this application and getting your documents verified, you get approved with a conditional commitment. The commitment mentions that, in case, the borrower is unable to pay the mortgage amount in the mentioned period, the lender is eligible to sell the property in an open market.

When the bank approves you as a borrower, you receive a loan commitment. When both the parties approve the mentioned guidelines, a mortgage amount is finally granted to the borrower.

Food, shelter, and clothing are the basic necessities to survive. Home Mortgages are a medium to provide shelter to the people who wish to have their own homes. To buy a home, it is necessary to have proper investments and savings. But not all of us can save enough to build or buy a house. Therefore Home Mortgages are provided by banks and financial institutions at a very low-interest rate so that it becomes convenient for the borrower to repay the loan.

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