Best Apps to Manage Subscriptions

Have you ever looked at your monthly budget and think where did all the money go? In this fast-paced life, we could not remember to eat on time, let alone manage our budgets. And with online streaming dominating the market, we take subscriptions of many apps and forget to pay for it in the skirt of a tight schedule. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime, HBO, Audible, gym memberships, dating subscriptions, meal delivery, WiFi, and many more before its due date. We feel you, and that’s why we bring you the review of the best apps to 

How would you manage all these subscriptions without someone reminding you of due dates and the need to continue them? Enters apps to manage subscriptions. By the grace of developers, they have curated apps to precisely manage your subscription needs. To remind you of the due dates so that you can pay for the subscription before it expires. Some of us pay for subscriptions unknowingly or want to enjoy the subscription till the last second of the last day manage subscriptions. 

Track your Paid Subscriptions with these Apps!

1. Truebill

Truebill is a comprehensive money-saving app. It will save you money by reducing your bills, seeking refunds, manage your subscriptions, and providing premium services. But how would a free app provide all these services? The app charges you nothing but every dollar the app will save by performing these functions; Truebill would get 40% of those savings annually. So if Truebill helped you save $500, then Truebill would receive $200, but if it didn’t save anything, it would cost you nothing. 

You can install it on an Android or iOS device. It will sync with your bank accounts and credit cards and start monitoring bills. Then it will provide you with recurring bills and usage and give you a figure of how much you could have saved if you would inscribe to a particular app. 


  • Seeking refunds before canceling a subscription
  • Cheap subscription


  • Available for US customers only.

2. Bobby:

The Bobby app is designed to efficiently manage your bills and subscriptions, reminding you when the bill is due. This app will manage your bills without linking your bank. You can start by entering all the details, billing, due dates, currency, etc., and it will analyze everything and give you reminders before the due date. You can use this app for up to 4 subscriptions, after which you need to buy at a low price of $ 0.99. 


  • Sync data to iCloud
  • Custom colors, fonts, and icons
  • Fingerprint password


  • In-app purchase to unlock some features

3. Trim:

The Trim app is an all-in-one finance management app. The main objective of this app is to reduce your spending. It will analyze your subscriptions and, based on your usage, would draw an estimate of how much money you could per subscription. Taking the road to a holistic approach, the Trim app unlocked several features, from managing your budget to help you with other financial aspects. Trim also has a unique feature of bill negotiation where it tries to negotiate with your cable service or phone company and save your money. Trim gets 33% of the total savings per year. 


  • Multiple features.
  • 256-bit encryption to keep data safe


  • Available for US residents only

4. Subby:

Subby comes in a race with apps like Truebill. It is a basic app that manages your subscriptions by entering all the details manually. The app has more than 400 subscription icons to choose from. The app has ads displayed until you buy the pro-version at a premium price of $2.99 that will also open the option to cloud backup. 


  • Easy to use basic app
  • More than 400 subscription icons
  • Create categories and set reminders


  • In app upgrade to remove ads. 
  • Available only on Android

5. Billy:

Billy is a simple basic app where you put your data manually by choosing the categories and selecting service from the exhaustive list. You can anytime add or remove according to your need. The unique and helpful feature of Billy is that it lets you use international services. You can subscribe to UK’s Netflix and the US’s Hulu app by entering different currencies. You can set your base currency so that your subscriptions will be converted to the currency you are currently using. The app is free to use with upgrading needs after using two subscriptions. 


  • No ads
  • Simple and easy to use
  • User-friendly interface


  • Free up to 2 subscriptions only

6. SubscriptMe:

SubscriptMe is last on our list, bringing you a free subscription management service. SubcriptMe doesn’t work like other subscription management apps. It does not connect with your bank and credit card account. It will scan and cross-check the subscriptions via email inbox and your smartphone. It is not entirely accurate but provides you hassle-free with no charge services. You can upgrade to the SubscriptMe manager app. It also gives you suggestions on the new services which is famous among its users. 


  • Free to use the basic app
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need to link your bank account and credit cards


  • Not 100% accurate
  • Available on iOS devices only

The Conclusion:

Currently, our lives revolve around subscriptions. You must have at least one subscription to services for each category, such as fitness, food delivery, music streaming, movie streaming, audiobooks, library, and many more. And more often than not, we forget to cancel subscriptions that we no longer use. Enter some of the best apps to manage subscriptions.

 It will provide you with various services such as lowering your bills, recurring payment reduction and saving annually. Some apps may charge a saving free on savings you get because of these apps, but only there will be any. So, what are you waiting for? Download your personal guide today and save some money!

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