All About Solar-Powered Path lights

Solar-Powered Path lights

Invented by Russell Ohl in 1941, Solar cell has helped our environment tremendously and gave us the most effective hassle-free energy option. Solar Energy derived from the solar cell can be used in most appliances and readily available in the market. 

So, How does Solar power generates its energy? Let’s have a quick revision of how solar power is formed.

How do Solar panels work?

Solar energy is produced because of the photovoltaic effect. This effect is formed when a solar cell, through a compound layer of crystalline silicon and chemicals, creates negatively charged electrons. Sunlight then passes through this solar cell and forces the negatively charged electrons to push onto the positively charged spaces that generate electricity. 

Basically, two different elements’ coming together produces electrical voltages when the sun rays hit the panel. The device does not necessarily need direct sunlight to work efficiently. 

Benefits of Solar-powered path lights:

  1. Safer than other sources of energy : Solar-powered path lights are a safe option. It needs 12 volts to function effectively, equal to power found in electric cars or trains. You do not have to worry about children or pets playing near these lights. It’s completely safe.

  2. Lower electricity bills : As the solar-powered path lights take their energy from the sun, which is renewable in nature, it helps you save a lot of money in paying electricity bills.

  3. Cost-effective and no installation costs : Did you know that you can devise Solar-powered path lights in your home? Yes, some lights are DIY, whereas some are available on the market at a low cost. It also doesn’t require installation costs as it is easy to install and requires no wiring attached to the circuits. It’s readily available in markets with a detailed guide with the product.

Solar-powered path lights – Best Products 2021

  1. Epyz Solar Powered LED Outdoor Pathway Lights, Landscape Path Lights; Automatic Led for Patio, Yard, Garden.

  2. Tapetum Solar Garden Fire Burn Decorative Torch Light 96 LED Auto Waterproof IP65 Inbuilt Lithium-Ion Battery.

  3. Epyz Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Newest Solar Landscape Tree Lights, Waterproof [ 60Pcs LED Multi-Colour Light ] Solar Christmas Decorative Path Lights, for Garden, Patio, Backyard.

  4. Preyank Solar 10 x Solar LED Light for Path Garden Outdoor Landscape Yard Cool White Lamp Black.

  5. Epyz Solar Garden Lights Underground Lamp Cracked Glass Ball Waterproof Warm White LED for Pathway Walkaway Patio Yard Lawn, Globe (4”-30LED) (Warm Light, 1)

These are some best solar-powered path lights available on the market. Pick out one today and go the pocket-friendly way.

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